About Apollo Coating Technologies, Inc.

Industrial Waterborne Coatings

Apollo Coating Technologies, Inc. waterborne coatings products were presented at the Coating 2003 show in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 28-30, 2003.
Apollo Coating Technologies, Inc. is a development and production of technically innovative waterborne coatings for both consumer and industrial applications. The company’s proprietary and patented technologies enhance the value of customers’ end products by:
  • Improving their performance.
  • Lowering their costs, and
  • Making them more environmentally friendly.
Apollo Coating Technologies, Inc. creates and sells proprietary and patented, higher performance and lower VOC emissions waterborne coatings. Our products are used in diverse applications in a wide variety of industries. Our novel waterborne coatings offering include:
  • Automotive coatings - 2K Waterborne urethane clear coat, waterborne anti-corrosion primer, waterborne plastic coatings, and waterborne plastic adhesion primer and promoting primer.
  • Coatings for plastics - Waterborne plastic coatings for PVC, ABS, PU, PC, PP, Polyester, and TPO substrates, and also for adhesive lamination inks and surface film applications.
  • Industrial waterborne coatings - 2K Waterborne epoxy metal primer, waterborne anti-corrosion dipping primer, blue hammertone, floor care coating, urethane/ acrylic wood coating, concrete coating, hardwood floor coating, solvent-free graffiti resistant clear, hardboard primer, bathtub coating, and kitchen counter top coating.
  • High durability, lead-free, fast dry traffic marking paints, and athletic field marking paint.
  • Specialty coatings and customer formulations
Apollo Coating Technologies, Inc. facility received certification of recognition of the compliance commitment partnership from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). For detail information, please contact:

Apollo Coating Technologies, Inc.
2953 Ladybird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75220, USA
214-351-2774/Fax: 214-351-0019

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