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100 AquaPrim 100 Solvent-Free Antigraffiti Clear
Formulated for one-component, zero VOC, environmentally friendly antigraffiti clear topcoat with versatile, excellent resistance to blocking and abrasion, and good slip. This waterborne polyethylene wax clear coating exhibits excellent water hold out and weathering resistance such as acid rain, soiling and air pollution. Use in high-quality concrete work, brick, stone, wood, etc.
600 AquaPrim 600 Waterborne Acrylic Dipping Primer
Designed for fast drying industrial waterborne dipping primer. This formula offers low VOC, low odor, excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, early water resistance, excellent flow, and no flash point. It can be used as a primer under waterborne or solventborne topcoats. VOC: 1.16 lbs/gal(excluding water).
601 AquaPrim 601 Waterborne Red Iron Oxide Primer
Designed for light duty maintenance primer and directly to metal and previously painted surfaces. It has excellent salt spray corrosion resistance, high impact resistance, high gloss, excellent water resistance, good direct impact resistance, and flexible film. It also exhibits good adhesion to different metals and plastics. VOC: 1.42 lbs/gal(excluding water).
602 AquaPrim 602 Waterborne Aluminum Paint
Designed for ready to use waterborne architectural and industrial maintenance coatings. It offers a cost-effective nature and aesthetics. It produces a durable light and heat reflecting finish. VOC: 2.00 lbs/gal(excluding water).
604 AquaPrim 604 Waterborne 2K Epoxy Metal Primer
Designed for heavy duty applications such as high corrosion protection and good solvent resistance. This product is consistent adhesion on a variety of metal substrates such as cold rolled, galvanized, and sand blasted steel as well as aluminum. VOC: 1.40 lbs/gal(excluding water).
200 AquaPrim 200 Waterborne Fast Dry Acrylic Traffic Marking Paint
Designed for high-durability waterborne traffic marking paints for airport runways use(TTP-1952D). This paint has been tested and approved by Texas Department of Transportation. This lead-free, fast dry waterborne traffic marking paint provides ease of water clean-up, more worker safety, less disposal costs, and excellent glass bead retention. Color: white, yellow, black.
201 AquaPrim 201 Waterborne Athletic Field Marking Paint
Formulated for scrub resistance, superior film integrity and exterior durability. It does not contain added formaldehyde and has low residual monomer, making it the perfect choice for today's environmentally friendly paints. In addition, it gives low odor, stain resistance and semigloss finishes. VOC: 0.42 lbs/gal(excluding water). Color: white.
503 AquaPrim 503 Waterborne 2K Urethane Clear Coat
Designed for using a novel 2-component waterborne urethane technology to yields high-gloss automotive clear topcoats, which can be dried at room temperature or force dried(80 C). The cured paint films are hard and flexible with single-coat adhesion and good resistance to solvent and water. The 2K waterborne urethane technologies can compete with typical commercial solvent borne products, but at a much lower VOC(0.58 lbs/gal).

500 AquaPrim 500 Waterborne Plastic Adhesion Primer
Patented waterborne adhesion-promoter primer is especially formulated for automotive paint-on-plastic applications. The primer is designed for ensuing adherence of primer or topcoats to polypropylene(PP) and thermoplastic olefin (TPO) plastics. This formula offers one component system, low VOC, low odor, chemical resistance, and early water resistance. Color: black, gray.
504 AquaPrim 504 Waterborne Urethane Clear
Designed for a single component, VOC compliant, high gloss, and water-based polyurethane primer. Designed for adhesion directly to PVC(polyvinyl chloride) and other plastic materials as well as for metal and wood. Provides performance properties comparable to premium quality solvent based urethane. This fast dry, high gloss, abrasion resistant urethane primer has an excellent exterior durability.
505 AquaPrim 505 Waterborne PVC Window Frame Topcoat
Designed for a waterborne polyurethane resin coating designed for coating rigid substrates such as PVC and other plastics or metals use. This polyurethane topcoat advanced technology has high clarity and durability, and displays excellent UV resistance for both interior and exterior application. A fast drying, high gloss polyurethane that provides color and gloss retention for exterior exposure. Color: green, blue, red.
506 AquaPrim 506 Waterborne Plastic Adhesion-promoting Primer
Formulated for an oil-in-water emulsion containing water-reducible chlorinated polyolefin(CPO). This one component waterborne primer is transparent. Its chief use in coatings as an adhesion promoter for non-polar substrates such as polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic olefins (TPO). It also provides good intercoat adhesion to basecoat or clear coat.
507 AquaPrim 507 Waterborne Acrylic Plastic Primer
Formulated for a waterborne self-crosslinking acrylic primer for plastic substrates with a high degree of chemical resistance such as DEET, alcohol, and sunscreen. It exhibits an excellent balance
508 AquaPrim 508 Waterborne Adhesion Primer
Designed using a new waterborne acrylic technology for adhesion directly to untreated thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and polypropylene (PP) plastic substrates without pre-treatment or primer. The resulting coating offers excellent water resistance, good alcohol and scratch resistance, good UV resistance as well as chemical resistance. Essentially, this new coating covers all the required performance features while eliminating a step for the end-use applicator. In addition, it can also adhere to other plastic substrates such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Polystyrene, and PPO. This coating can be used in interior and exterior automotive plastics, consumer electronics such as computer, VCR, TV housings, plastic building and construction materials, and cosmetic and other packaging.


800 AquaCare 800 Waterborne Waterproofing Clear Sealer
A transparent acrylic latex stain formulated to provide water repellency, UV protection, and mildew resistance. The ultra-small particle size allows the coating to penetrate substrates, imparting excellent sealing properties. VOC: 0.63 lbs/gal(excluding water).
801 AquaCare 801 Waterborne Semi-Transparent Penetrating Stain
A pigmented, water-based penetrating, semi-transparent wood stain formulated to provide outstanding water resistance. Features a durable acrylic film to provide long lasting weatherproof protection and to enrich a natural or rustic appearance to wood. VOC: 0.61 lbs/gal(excluding water).
802 AquaCare 802 Waterborne Solid-Color Stain
A premium quality acrylic latex flat coating. Formulated to provide an opaque and uniform film with extremely durable, scuff resistance, weather protection and color life. Color: white.
803 AquaCare 803 Waterborne Clear Furniture Topcoat
Developed for acrylic wood finishes. It exhibits outstanding mar resistance, detergent/cleaner resistance, and toughness. In addition, it forms flexible, water resistant films, which are exceptionally clear and glossy. This product has been used as industrial kitchen cabinet and furniture finishes due to the above properties, as well as its inherent chemical resistance qualities. Tack free dry time is above 15 minutes. The VOC content is 1.86 lbs/gal(excluding water).
804 AquaCare 804 Waterborne 2K Urethane Hardwood Floor Coating
Developed for hardwood floor finishes based on novel waterborne 2-component polyurethane technology. It is intended for high performance applications where hardness and abrasion resistance are essential. This water-reducible coating can be also used other wood materials due to its outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance properties, especially in black heel mark resistance. The VOC content is 2.20 lb/gal(excluding water).
805 AquaCare 805 Waterborne Industrial Wood Furniture Topcoat
Developed for wood finishes based on polyurethane and acrylic blend formulation. It provides excellent UV resistance, which makes it particuarly useful in exterior applications. It also exhibits outstanding rapid hardness development, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and impact resistance. In addition, it forms flexible, water resistant films, which are exceptionally clear and glossy. The tack free dry time is about 15 minutes. The VOC content is 2.10 lbs/gal(excluding water).
807 AquaCare 807 Waterborne Urethane Wood Clear Topcoat
This waterborne aliphatic self cross-linking PU modified acrylic and polyester-polycarbonate polyurethane dispersions is designed for coating wood substrate. This product exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and application properties. In additions, this clear topcoat has high clarity and durability, and displays excellent UV resistance for both interior and exterior application.
810 AquaCare 810 Waterborne Hardboard Primer
Designed for a low cost, low VOC, low minimum film forming temperature, excellent block and water resistance, good adhesion waterborne hardboard primer used over hardboard and composite wood substrates. VOC: 0.73 lbs/gal(excluding water).


102 AquaCare 102 Waterborne High Speed Floor Polish
Formulated for high speed burnishing and is particularly well suited in retail establishments, schools, and medical facilities. This 20% solid content floor polish is used on vinyl-composition tile, terrazzo and other non-resilient flooring substrates. In addition to providing very good gloss, it also gives excellent durability such as scuff and scratch resistance, detergent resistance, and slip resistance.
103 AquaCare 103 Waterborne Stone, Tile & Terrazzo Floor Sealer
Specially formulated for terrazzo and other non-resilient flooring substrates coatings. This 20% solid content provides VOC compliant, excellent durability and gloss, excellent adhesion, buffing and burnishing response. It can also be used on ceramic, terrazzo, quarry, marble, and other non-resilient flooring substrates and other stone surfaces. It provides excellent gloss and superior durability.
104 AquaCare 104 Waterborne Clear Concrete Sealer
Specially developed for use in coatings for interior and exterior cementitious and other non-resilient surfaces where outstanding durability is required. It has excellent resistance to water blushing, early block resistance, hot tire pickup, oil resistance, stain and chemical resistance, adhesion to concrete substrate, and abrasion resistance.
110 AquaCare 110 Waterborne 2K Epoxy Clear Concrete Primer
Designed for sealing the surface and providing adhesion for AquaPrim 110 topcoat. It functions as penetrating/breathing membrane. In additions, this product provides fast lacquer dry and chemical resistance. VOC: 0.75 lbs/gal.
111 AquaCare 111 Waterborne 2K Epoxy White Concrete Topcoat
Designed for a fast drying topcoat with good chemical and mechanical resistance. This low VOC, low odor, and chemical resistance topcoat can be used for industrial flooring such as gas stations, chemical plants, warehouses, retail stores and parking garages.
112 AquaCare 112 Waterborne Thin-Film Masonry Coating
Designed for a thin-film elastomeric wall coating, especially for applications over masonry. It provides an outstanding exterior durability, soft enough to be flexible, but hard enough to resist dirt pick-up, and easy application over masonry, alkali and water resistance.


630 AquaCare 630 Waterborne Vinyl Laminating Adhesive
Designed for the best performance and cost for the waterborne, zero VOC adhesives. It forms strong bonds between porous substrates and such films as PVC, polystyrene, cellulose acetate and acrylic. It also adheres such widely diversified substrates as paper, wood, cotton cloth, Nylon cloth, urethane foam and certain types of coated paperboard. In addition, it offers a balance between hold out on the surface of the cloth with some penetration, which gives a stronger fiber-tearing bond with penetration.


108 AquaCare 108 Waterborne Urethane Bathtub Coating
Specially designed for use on rigid substrates such as ceramic tile in bathroom and kithen. This waterborne urethane coating displays a unique balance of hardness, water resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance. The high gloss waterborne urethane bathtub coating is characteristic of displaying excellent UV resistance, thus making it a good recommendation for both interior and exterior applications.
109 AquaCare 109 Waterborne Formica Countertop Coating
Designed for a unique balance of hardness, flexibility, mar and scuff resistance, UV resistance and impact resistance.
113 AquaCare 113 Waterborne Clear Urethane Bathtub Coating
Specially designed for use on rigid substrates such as ceramic, plastic, wood, or concrete in bathroom and kitchen. This waterborne clear urethane coating displays a unique balance of water resistance, hardness, flexibility and impact resistance. The high gloss waterborne clear urethane bathtub coating is characteristic of displaying excellent UV resistance, thus making it a good recommendation for both interior and exterior applications.
114 AquaCare 114 Waterborne Clear Kitchen Cabinet Coating
Specially designed for use on kitchen cabinet furniture. It can also be used on industrial furniture coatings and in a variety of wood applications.This waterborne clear kitchen cabinet coating displays quick dry and offers resistance to a variety of chemicals and reagents. The high gloss waterborne clear kitchen cabinet coating is characteristic of displaying excellent UV resistance, thus making it a good recommendation for both interior and exterior applications.

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